Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Installing New Brain

                                                   Anonymous J    &   Vay 'D  

Our website will be flowing in some new links and information from now through the rest of the year, we are about to get some tour footage, and some extra Women Of Machines promo footage  & posts, but at the moment let us put a bug in you're ear.

We are about to see if we can run a campaign through Kickstarter if we are launched you will see the alert, if not... back to the old drawing board that is wearing us out, cyber net is cool and all because you can contact other country's & states with out buying plain or bus tickets or hitching a groovy ride man...

However this can get stressful posting an publishing & updating information online. From all this hard work, we can only do what every business pro does.. and that's hope for success out of the time & effort you put in.

"When the think tank is full it's time to install a new brain".

Still Working.....
   Feminine Rhyme

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