Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Urgent Update

Feminine Rhyme Fans:

We must announce that Feminine Rhyme are no longer signed to Clarke Jones Rough N Rude Records, Feminine Rhyme will release music under their own label Rephaim Records. Thank you for all the support, and love you continuously give. Feminine Rhyme diligently continues to work on new music and they will continue sharing their talent with you, and the rest of the world! 


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pre-Order Women Of Machines now!

Our highly anticipated LP Women Of machines is available to pre-order @ itunes!
make sure you head over to iTunes, and get your copy of our CD! We guarantee you will love this Eclectic masterpiece!! We thank all of our fans that have already pre-ordered our CD! We also have T-shirts that are going fast so head over to our website, and find out how you can get one!!!!

                             Click here to Pre-Order Women Of Machines now!!!!

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

For Yauch

A Year has passed and we still feel like it was yesterday when you left,  days go by an we still think of you, although we never got a chance to meet in this life. In the true life of living, we still we have a chance, in the life of peace there will be comfort in the true life of grace there is no darkness, in the true life of friendship there is perfect love.  
                                                                   ~Feminie Rhyme  

See you in the Kingdom Yauch we know your forgiven.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Installing New Brain

                                                   Anonymous J    &   Vay 'D  

Our website will be flowing in some new links and information from now through the rest of the year, we are about to get some tour footage, and some extra Women Of Machines promo footage  & posts, but at the moment let us put a bug in you're ear.

We are about to see if we can run a campaign through Kickstarter if we are launched you will see the alert, if not... back to the old drawing board that is wearing us out, cyber net is cool and all because you can contact other country's & states with out buying plain or bus tickets or hitching a groovy ride man...

However this can get stressful posting an publishing & updating information online. From all this hard work, we can only do what every business pro does.. and that's hope for success out of the time & effort you put in.

"When the think tank is full it's time to install a new brain".

Still Working.....
   Feminine Rhyme

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Women Of Machines Promotion

We are giving our all to promote and market this on our own as of now and we are reaching out to the ones that love us the most..  our fans & supporters, this release means so much to us and we will  do our best to get it out to you, we are working in all directions online and offline and we are looking forward to being offline and in arenas real soon because that's the best part.... Tour! touring is a must do and, well.. our promotional tour has now begun and we are doing the best we can & giving it the 100 billion percent it needs to achieve what is not a dream to us but a reality. 
We love you dear fans 

God Bless You
Feminine Rhyme