Friday, November 16, 2012

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Feminine Rhyme are members Anonymous J and Vay D the Entertainment Innovators have a self created genre/production titled Eclectic Pop ® as business savvy women this duo has a publishing Co. called Electric Pop Publishing Company™. That's not half of the businesses that they have yet to come.  

Feminine Rhyme publishes,manages,produces, and writes all their own material, they are signed to Clarke Jones Rough N Rude Records (Germany) the duo has an EP available world wide in every major online store the EP is titled Ambition. Once the Women Of Machines © LP is recorded, the world
will finaly see that the entertainment world still has  innovators.

Women Of Machines © is an album that focuses on, Politics, Love, Life, and of course, the music industry. there is lots more in store. And it's done like you've never seen or even heard before.  

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