Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What to blog about

We didn't know really what to say for an update on our blog. Well... here you go.

Read this carefully....we only care about our country and everyone in it,  

We Hate politics , Government & War and Lies, everyone is soaked up in eating all this Obama drama with Romney salami, since when did people forget? go look up the word president and you will see just how much authority and "over rule" them fools really have ( Or will have if  Romney gets chosen for the job.) any way, don't honor them like they own the USA they are (or will be) just a president ("like @ a company for instance") they got to listen to what ever the "BIG BOSS" has to say, don't get your socks knocked off by lies people, they are finding new ways to lie and use new terms for the "old school saying"

For the people by the people  

They don't give a damn anymore just be careful America! don't get bribed. 

~The Creators of Eclectic Pop TM 
                                  ~Feminine Rhyme

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