Sunday, February 26, 2012

Please Read

Shalom !

We are telling every with connection,Fans and Neighbors :-] we will be leaving a lot of our social network places late March because we want to push everyone toward our new website it took a while but Lo and behold; we finished it some what... We will add music from our new album "Women Of Machines" soon

the only reason we are leaving is because we feel in our hearts that when you reach a certain point in your career
you should not take away from people who are trying to get where you are like "Some" celebrities the main stream and indie artists have a better way of promoting and getting promoted.

99.8% of the time it's an Agent ghosting what "the famous" has to say on their networks we don't like that so when someone contacts us you really will get a responce from us.  ALWAYS

signed artists get help from the label, and promo teams ect, or a poket full of money from doing show after show, some people in bands were born rich, that helps them push the band or solo act in places that

unsigned artists struggle to get into it's easier for a "signed artists" to do shows get media: TV,Radio Promo,Rotation stuff like that lets face it if you are unsigned and this is happening for you it's not happening for FREE we all have to pay....  we lived both sides of the industry of entertainment so we know the price you have to pay to get paid.

We Love You As Jesus Loves You.

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